How to quickly make precise karaoke lyrics?


You could make the precise karaoke lyrics for your favourite songs by your own, if the lyrics cann't be found currently on AutoLyric sever.

Using AutoLyric lyrics editing features, making a precise karaoke lyrics only takes a several minutes if you are familiar with the song.

This article describes how to making accurate karaoke lyrics quickly and easily in the way using keyboard shortcuts:

(1)In the right-button menu, select [Lyric - Edit lyric], Lyric-Edit window will show;
(2)In the right-button menu of Lyric-Edit window, select "Edit Mode - Karaoke";
(3)If your keyboard is a kind of desktop computer, To enable the shortcuts on the NumPad, make sure NumLock is disabled.
        Num5 -- Replace Time-tag
        NumPad - -- Delete Time-tag
        NumPad + -- Insert Time-tag
        Num7 -- Play Backward 3 Seconds
        Num1 -- Play Forward 3 Seconds
        Num9 -- Undo
        Num3 -- Redo

        Press Num7 or Num9 if the time-tag inserted is not right time. Use Num2,4,6,8 to move cursor too; General Way:forefinger to Num4, middle finger to Num5, ring finger to Num6;

       If your keyboard is a kind of notebook, click【Ctrl】to enable or disable the arrow key shortcuts, the arrow keys functions:

        DOWN ARROW -- Replace Time-tag 
        UP ARROW -- Undo
        LEFT ARROW -- Play Backward 3 Seconds
        RIGHT ARROW -- Play Forward 3 Seconds
(4)Move the cursor in front of the word where you want to insert/replace time-tag, press "Replace Time-tag" shortcut at the time the song plays to that word;
        and then the cursor moves to next word automatically, or moves to next line incase of meeting line end.
(5)thus, repeat this with the rhythm of the song, a precise karaoke lyric will be done.
        Save and return, the precise karaoke lyric you just made showes up, and you may share your lyric by uploading it.


(1)When enable "Hide time tag",Red/Yellow/Blue colors means time-tag has inserted, blue color means line-end time-tag inserted, continuous colors means no time-tag between words.
(2)Use shortcut F3 or F4 to adjust the font size;
(3)"Skin Line End Time-tag" for fast rhythm.