How to integrate AutoLyric window with the player UI?


If you want to move/minimize/restore/size the AutoLyric window together with the player window, you would enjoy the AutoLyric feature of "window adhere to player". you can integrate AutoLyric window with the player UI, making various beatiful combinations.

To do this, just select "Window Adhere to Player", and then move AutoLyric window wherever you want to make the combination.

In Advanced Settings(Like the image below) of "Window Adhere to Player", you may specify the position of AutoLyric window relative to player window, then AutoLyric window would be able to be sized together with the player window.

The settings of the image above is the view solution "WMP12-Adhere-Semitransparent/ClickThrough (Demo)" with default installation, the image below showes the effect.

You can achieve a variety of combinations with flexible settings of this feature.Also, with the setting of "Apply window embedding if embedding available", you could embed AutoLyric window into player window just like child window does.For example,you could embed AutoLyric window into Foobar2000 DUI or CUI panel just by enabling "Apply window embedding if embedding available" after you insert AutoLyric Panel through Foobar2000 Layout Editing.The steps just like below



Tip:You could save your favourite settings as "view solution". Next time you could return the setting just by the view solution.