AutoLyric F&Q and General How-To


AutoLyric F&Q and General How-To

1. How to set the font size of the Desktop Lyric?
The Desktop Lyric font size depends on the size of the Desktop Lyric window. Move the mouse on the Desktop Lyric,after a second, a semitransparent window will show up,you could move or size the window.

2. What's the meaning of lyric karaoke rating?
The lyric karaoke rating (5★、4★、3★、2★、1★、0★) is rated automatically by AutoLyric, generally, 0★ refers to the static plain lyric, 1★ refers to the normal dynamic lyrics, the Chinese-like lyrics of 3至5★ and latin lyrics of 2至5★, are both means precise karaoke lyrics.

3. What to do when the lyrics show asynchronously?
There are 3 ways to adjust the timing of lyrics: you can do it throuth the right-button menu "Lyric -> Adjust Lyric Time", or by the mouse wheel, or by shortcut keys (default is ctrl + alt + down arrow).

4. Does AutoLyric support the lyric linking of multi-tracks files like cue or APE with cue embeded?
Yes. since version 3.5, AutoLyric support the lyric linking of multi-tracks files by default.

5. What to do when some lyrics display of weird characters?
There could be no weird characters if the lyrics are downloaded from AutoLyric directly. If the lyrics are local files, you could save the files as Unicode or UTF8 encoding, or Change system default language.

6. Why some lyrics display statically?
Plain lyrics without time-tags will not be able to display dynamically.some songs might previously have static plain lyrics embedded, you can re-download the lyrics online, and embed lyrics to overwrite the original static plain lyrics (because embeded lyrics are prior to local lyric files).or you could disable some tags of embedded lyrics on AutoLyric "Options". In addition, if static plain lyrics in classic style lyric window display incomplete, you could scroll the lyrics with mouse wheel,or drag the lyrics with left button.

7. How to show Options dialog with settings of "hide taskbar notification area icon" and "Mouse Click-through"?
You could use the keyboard shortcut(default is ctrl+alt+O), Or use the shortcut keys (default is ctrl + alt + r) to cancel mouse click-through, and then show the dialog by the right-button menu.

8. What's the meaning of lyrics path with "metadata://" beginning in "Lyric Link and Local Search" dialog?
The "metadata://" beginning means the lyrics are embedded in the media file. "metadata://1?" means lyrics are embedded in "Description(ID3/COMM)" tag of media file, "metadata://5?" means "Lyrics(ID3/APE)" tag, "metadata://7?" means "WM/Lyrics(ID3/USLT)" tag.

9. How to show or hide AutoLyric window?
In order to show or hide AutoLyric window, you can click the taskbar notification area icon of AutoLyric, or use the shortcut(default is ctrl+alt+s), or click the minimize button. By the way, in condition of "hide window if no lyric" setting, the window will not showed even if lyric could be found for the next song when you hide AutoLyric window manually, however you could show the window manually.

10、Why AutoLyric does not start with the Windows Media Player player?
 Windows Media Player will disable all plugins if it terminates anomaly, in this case you could start AutoLyric by the menu of Windows Media Player (typically "tools/plugins" menu).(First of all ,make sure AutoLyric installed correctly for Windows Media Player)

11. How to pick screen color?
AutoLyric has screen color picking feature, on the button with color-picking icon, press the left mouse button without releasing, a "十" cursor showes up, then you could move the mouse to pick the screen color.

12. The Trick of lyric online search.
In order to improve the performance of online search, searching lyrics online automatically is in precision mode, so if the song title information of media files not entirely correct, you need to open manually search the online search window. In "Auto Mode" of Online Search window, even if the song title, artist's not entirely correct, the lyrics could be found Generally,if not,you could correct song title and try again.

13. Install, and Uninstall.
AutoLyric installation package supports the General installation and portable installation (portable installation is usually said that green installation, currently foobar2000 and Winamp supports portable installations).
(1) Install: download the AutoLyric installation package, extract and run the installation program (usually named AutoLyric[version number]_setup.exe), follow the installer prompts to complete the installation of AutoLyric step by step, and then run the supported player, AutoLyric will run automatically, then by AutoLyric Windows right-click menu, Open the options dialog to do some necessary settings according to personal preference.
(2) Uninstall:-a) If AutoLyric is General installed, AutoLyric can be uninstalled by the AutoLyric uninstall shortcut found in system start menu or program uninstall feature of system control panel;b) If AutoLyric is portable installed, you should manually delete AutoLyric files in player directory, for foobar2000,they are AutoLyricWinDll.dll file in foobar2000 root directory and AutoLyric folder in components directory; For Winamp, they are AutoLyricWinDll.dll file in Winamp root directory and gen_autolyric.dll file & AutoLyric folder in Plugins directory.