• 标题:Red Leather
  • 歌手:Future;Metro Boomin;J. Cole
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    Red Leather (Clean) - Future/Metro Boomin
    Lyrics by:Nayvadius Wilburn/Leland Wayne
    Composed by:Nayvadius Wilburn/Leland Wayne
    Produced by:Metro Boomin
    So you thinkin' that you gon' I ain't gon'
    Speak from my heart you know what I'm sayin'
    I'm one thousand
    I done turned a dancer to a trophy
    I done balled with rings like Kobe
    Never send a tweet with emotions uh
    She heard I sip lean she got emotional
    C*****e got my heart like o***m
    I can feel her heart beatin' when I'm huggin' her
    Take me back to Kingston to see my ancestors
    Pissin' on your grave in some red leather
    Turbo Panamera the seat bird feathers
    Keep light on me like Carmelo
    Don't lie to me I'm on God levels

    Forever's not long enough
    If it's endless what we doin'
    Either you a rebel or what we doin'
    Toast c*****e trap stars what we doin'
    A few remain nameless deserve my dedication
    I just want my movement like Larry Davis
    Came from Amsterdam had my head up
    Screenshot ******* got me fed up
    Playin' with the white for green like a Celtic
    She ain't tryna share me she thinkin' selfish
    I just bought my young ***** some new Rosettas
    Went to Tokyo I had to hit the ghetto
    Like to kick it with her 'cause she play soccer
    Introduced her to some goons and some robbers
    Now she want that Bentayga and it's obvious
    Real patience for them big faces and I got it
    Still faded from the last night off molly
    The ones work at Magic work at Follies
    I just left Onyx and caught a body
    **** your wife at the back of King of Diamonds
    Turn me on she don't care I put my thumb in
    Leave me all alone I'm throwin' a party
    How I'm gon' have commitment in this world of sin
    Try my best to love you in this world we in
    Take another look at every foreign I'm in
    End up with the ******* that I started with
    I must've been on a pill when I recorded this
    Had the stick in my hand while I was typin' it
    I know I'm arrogant but don't be trifling
    I iced out you once and you got iced again
    These guitars sound like Parliament
    I just blowed a check baby pardon me
    All-black trim dark burgundy
    Keep it real with me no perjury
    Put them bags on her arm like weighed sand
    Saks Fifth Avenue she ran through eighty bands
    Got your passport ready we some aliens
    Got my transporter up out my radius
    Got my transporter whip Mercedes-Benz
    I could never give up on what we had
    Abracadabra make my side ***** better
    Chanel trench p***y taste like pineapple
    I'ma stay down with you but don't give me a headache
    Lifestyle's radical please excuse the medies
    California housing gettin' better with my veggies
    Audemars Richard Mille came in a FedEx
    Smash her like a grudge that I ain't never gettin' deaded
    Sippin' on mud while I'm lookin' at my presi'
    Presidential tints in the back I done made it
    ***** you better stay on your **** you gettin' graded
    Take you to a spa in Saint Barts is you ready
    Whip the double-R with the stars in the headrest
    Caught up with these broads baby did I change the address
    Times got hard and I ****** off your lashes
    Everything real I got my gold veneers added
    ************* addict but I will rock a Patek
    If your love was a d**g maybe it would be acid
    I know I lost your trust but I made you relapse
    I gotta be on a pill to tell you how I'm feelin'
    I tippy-toe and I dance with the devil
    I'll take a whole boat out to Bahamas
    Shawty ride for a real one like a gunner
    Pluto got twenty girlfriends damn I'm doin' it wrong
    Cut off all my h*es now I'm only puttin' you in a song
    Day one shawty been with me from the playground
    Hey now baby that's the reason I was playin' 'round
    Runnin' like a chicken with his head cut off
    Through the streets where the freaks love the red leather
    On my shoulder blades in my older age
    See the error of my ways
    But I'm still not totally over all the temptation
    Why does sin give you all the sensation
    Yeah I'm with Future up in Onyx just wastin'
    A lot of money on a stripper education
    Throw so much paper that we causin' the inflation
    Now it's late and I'm gettin' impatient
    Might run a train on a ***** Penn Station
    Nah I'm playin' I'm just lit gettin' wasted
    And she whisper in my ear she wanna taste it
    Damn you makin' it hard for me
    But I'm stayin' strong I got authority
    Willpower when I dub a baddie I feel power
    Me and Astro 6'4" we the Twin Towers
    Twin Glocks with the switch piece that extend shots
    It's a metaphor for the boy when you in proximity
    I can't stop right now they gon' remember me forever
    My story's more clever my similes was better
    My energy was never on some toughest ****
    I was just a conscious rapper that would **** a *****
    I was just a college from a rougher premises
    Kept my nose out the streets but I love to get a whiff
    Of the action with risk comes attraction
    The blicks get to blastin' I turn into a track star
    Wanted all the h*es what the **** you think I rap for
    I been tryna slang the same wood since Hacksaw
    Jim Duggan runnin' through the Ville in my Timbs thuggin'
    Now I'm with Young Metro in the V.I.P. ***** it's incomin'
    Coppin' all this liquor for these h*es like we McLovin
    Thinkin' to myself "Could I really be with one woman"
    Hmm I think so
    But it's hard when you with your dogs at the freak show
    Thinkin' I could bag Rubi Rose with a keystroke
    Ego ask yourself is that gon' bring you peace though
    **** I don't know
    Either you a rebel what we doin'