• Title:Chance
  • Artist:Aspyer;Kyle Reynolds;Carly Jay
  • Album:Chance
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Chance - Aspyer/Kyle Reynolds/Carly Jay
    Lyrics by:Carly Jasperson/Ilya Pivovarov/Kyle Reynolds
    Composed by:Carly Jasperson/Ilya Pivovarov/Kyle Reynolds
    In the morning good morning love
    But when I wake up it's boring
    I am not hangovers
    I cannot escape from you or you sexy keep head in my phone
    More than the sexual just let me sleep alone
    Driving in the baseboard as if you're the owner
    Give me a chance to miss you right now you are begging me too
    That's now what lovers do
    Give me a chance
    Stepped forward and flied back
    You got me obtrude
    Couldn't move slower
    You were the right drive
    Now I am in the back back in ya mind keeping in my bone
    My beat is just don't wanna sleep alone
    Trying my best my best to leave you alone ya
    I try ya' try ya' try tomorrow never let you go