• 標題:I Forgive You
  • 歌手:Sia
  • 專輯:I Forgive You
  • 卡拉OK評級:1★
  • 語言:en
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    I Forgive You - Sia (希雅)
    Lyrics by:Sia Furler/Greg Kurstin
    Produced by:Greg Kurstin
    I felt the life felt the life slip out of me
    Black as the night as the night
    Blue as the sea yeah
    I would have done anything
    Would have given everything for you
    I I I I forgive you you know now what you have done
    Oh I I I I forgive you now it's time for me to move on
    Oh I I I I forgive you you could not see right from wrong
    Oh I I I and I'll love you always in my heart you'll live on
    You'll live on
    Good people sin when yearning's unspoken -en ooh
    You broke my heart broke my heart
    But it's still beating oh