• Title:The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived
  • Artist:Taylor Swift
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    The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived - Taylor Swift (泰勒·斯威夫特)
    Lyrics by:Aaron Dessner/Taylor Swift
    Composed by:Aaron Dessner/Taylor Swift
    Arranged by:Rob Moose
    Produced by:Aaron Dessner/Taylor Swift
    Was any of it true

    Gazing at me starry-eyed
    In your Jehovah's Witness suit
    Who the hell was that guy
    You tried to buy some pills
    From a friend of friends of mine
    They just ghosted you
    Now you know what it feels like
    And I don't even want you back I just want to know
    If rusting my sparkling summer was the goal
    And I don't miss what we had but could someone give
    A message to the smallest man who ever lived
    You hung me on your wall
    Stabbed me with your push pins
    In public showed me off
    Then sank in stoned oblivion
    'Cause once your queen had come
    You'd treat her like an also-ran
    You didn't measure up
    In any measure of a man
    Were you sent by someone
    Who wanted me dead
    Did you sleep with a gun underneath our bed
    Were you writing a book
    Were you a sleeper cell spy
    In fifty years will all this be declassified
    And you'll confess why you did it
    And I'll say "Good riddance"
    'Cause it wasn't sexy once it wasn't forbidden
    I would've died for your sins
    Instead I just died inside
    And you deserve prison but you won't get time
    You'll slide into inboxes and slip through the bars
    You crashed my party and your rental car
    You said normal girls were "boring"
    But you were gone by the morning
    You kicked out the stage lights but you're still performing
    And in plain sight you hid
    But you are what you did
    And I'll forget you but I'll never forgive
    The smallest man who ever lived