• Title:The Prophecy
  • Artist:Taylor Swift
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    The Prophecy - Taylor Swift (泰勒·斯威夫特)
    Lyrics by:Aaron Dessner/Taylor Swift
    Composed by:Aaron Dessner/Taylor Swift
    Arranged by:Bryce Dessner
    Produced by:Aaron Dessner/Taylor Swift
    Hand on the throttle
    Thought I caught lightning in a bottle
    Oh but it's gone again

    And it was written
    I got cursed like Eve got bitten
    Oh was it punishment
    Pad around when I get home
    I guess a lesser woman would've lost hope
    A greater woman wouldn't beg
    But I looked to the sky and said
    Please I've been on my knees
    Change the prophecy
    Don't want money
    Just someone who wants my company
    Let it once be me
    Who do I have to speak to
    About if they can redo the prophecy
    Cards on the table
    Mine play out like fools in a fable oh
    It was sinking in
    Sinking in oh
    Slow is the quicksand
    Poison blood from the wound of the pricked hand
    Oh still I dream of him
    And I sound like an infant
    Feelin' like the very last drops of an ink pen
    A greater woman stays cool
    But I howl like a wolf at the moon
    And I look unstable
    Gathered with a coven round a sorceress' table
    A greater woman has faith
    But even statues crumble if they're made to wait
    I'm so afraid I sealed my fate
    No sign of soulmates
    I'm just a paperweight in shades of greige
    Spending my last coin so someone will tell me
    It'll be ok
    Ooh ooh
    To change the prophecy
    Thought I caught lightning in a bottle oh
    But it's gone again