• Title:Florida!!!
  • Artist:Taylor Swift;Florence + The Machine
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    Florida!!! - Taylor Swift (泰勒·斯威夫特)/Florence + The Machine
    Lyrics by:Taylor Swift/Florence Welch
    Composed by:Taylor Swift/Florence Welch
    Produced by:Jack Antonoff/Taylor Swift
    You can beat the heat
    If you beat the charges too
    They said I was a cheat
    I guess it must be true
    And my friends all smell like w**d or little babies
    And this city reeks of driving myself crazy
    Little did you know your home's really only a town
    You're just a guest in
    So you work your life away
    Just to pay for a timeshare down in Destin
    Is one hell of a d**g
    Can I use you up
    And the hurricane with my name when it came
    I got drunk and I dared it to wash me away
    Barricaded in the bathroom with a bottle of wine
    Well me and my ghosts we had a hell of a time
    Yes I'm haunted but I'm feeling just fine
    All my girls got their lace and their crimes
    And your cheating husband disappeared well
    No one asks any questions here
    So I did my best to lay to rest
    All of the bodies that have ever been on my body
    And in my mind they sink into the swamp
    Is that a bad thing to say in a song
    Little did you know your home's really only the town
    You'll get arrested
    So you pack your life away
    Just to wait out the firestorm back in Texas
    I need to forget so take me to Florida
    I've got some regrets I'll bury them in Florida
    Tell me I'm despicable say it's unforgivable
    At least the dolls are beautiful
    **** me up Florida
    What a crash what a rush
    It's one hell of a d**g
    Love left me like this
    And I don't want to exist
    So take me to Florida
    Take me to the