• Title:The Tortured Poets Department
  • Artist:Taylor Swift
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    The Tortured Poets Department - Taylor Swift (泰勒·斯威夫特)
    Lyrics by:Jack Antonoff/Taylor Swift
    Composed by:Jack Antonoff/Taylor Swift
    Produced by:Jack Antonoff/Taylor Swift
    You left your typewriter at my apartment
    Straight from the Tortured Poets Department
    I think some things I never say
    Like "Who uses typewriters anyway" But
    You're in self-sabotage mode throwing spikes down on the road
    But I've seen this episode and still loved the show
    Who else decodes you
    And who's gonna hold you like me

    And who's gonna know you if not me
    I laughed in your face and said
    "You're not Dylan Thomas
    I'm not Patti Smith
    This ain't the Chelsea Hotel
    We're modern idiots"
    You smoked then ate seven bars of chocolate
    We declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist
    I scratch your head you fall asleep
    Like a tattooed golden retriever
    But you awaken with dread pounding nails in your head
    But I've read this one where you come undone
    I chose this cyclone with you
    Who's gonna hold you
    And who's gonna know you like me
    Who's gonna know you
    Gonna love you
    Gonna troll you
    Sometimes I wonder if you're gonna screw this up with me
    But you told Lucy you'd kill yourself if I ever leave
    And I had said that to Jack about you so I felt seen
    Everyone we know understands why it's meant to be
    'Cause we're crazy
    So tell me
    Who else is gonna know me
    At dinner you take my ring off my middle finger
    And put it on the one
    People put wedding rings on and that's the closest I've come
    To my heart exploding
    "And you're not Dylan Thomas
    We're two idiots"
    Gonna know you