• Title:Solo
  • Artist:BLANKA
  • Album:Solo
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    Solo - BLANKA
    Lyrics by:Blanka Stajkow/Maria Broberg
    Composed by:Bartłomiej Rzeczycki/Blanka Stajkow/Maciej Puchalski/Marcin Górecki/Mikołaj Trybulec

    It's kind of crazy
    How else to phrase it
    With you I've lost my senses
    What happened to ya
    I thought I knew ya
    But now it's time to face it
    You're hot and cold
    High and you're low
    Messin' with my mind
    No oh-oh that's not how it goes
    So let me spell it out
    Now I'm better solo solo
    I never let me down didi-down-down-down
    Now I'm gonna show ya show ya
    Show you what it is you're missing out
    How I be getting down solo
    Tell me
    Now was it worth it Oh
    Playin' me dirty oh
    But now who's laughing baby
    Watch me
    All eyes on me now
    Bet you regret how
    What goes around comes around
    No no I'm going solo
    Yeah ya better better watch me now
    'Cause I know how to let go
    Gonna make it make it on my own whoa
    Oh no I'm going solo
    So it's clear to see I'm