• Title:All to Myself
  • Artist:Future;Metro Boomin;The Weeknd
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    All to Myself (Clean) - Future/Metro Boomin
    Lyrics by:Nayvadius Wilburn/Leland Wayne
    Composed by:Nayvadius Wilburn/Leland Wayne
    Produced by:Metro Boomin
    Takin' it off takin' it off takin' it

    Yeah Pluto
    Plutoski yeah
    You done looked down on me girl when I'm cryin'
    You made me wanna live when I felt like dyin'
    The way I converse back and forth with you is so inspirin'
    I sit back and look at the curves on you I can't deny it
    I can't deny I look fly with you
    I can't deny I get high with you
    I can't deny I survive with you
    I even like your attitude
    I made a call up to Gucci for you
    I get to actin' unruly for you
    Call up the jeweler go stupid for you
    I'm feelin' better I knew it was you
    You tryna leave catch an asthma attack
    Times that we spent we gon' cherish that
    Change up the weather I'm mad relaxed
    Went in the room seen a star in the ceiling
    Sit on an island we cool we chillin'
    You got me thinkin' 'bout buyin' the buildin'
    Ain't no more worries this our resort
    Tryna be modest you makin' me stunt
    Baby don't smoke but she roll my blunts
    You keep me charged keep your word a bond
    Ain't no more problems they overdone
    You gave me life when my heart was numb
    I need to sing you a song or somethin'
    Need you all to myself need you all to myself
    Need you all to myself baby
    Need you all to myself
    I promise that I got your back
    The biggest show in Paris
    You singin' it the loudest
    You'll always be the baddest babe
    You'll never be in danger
    Promise nothin' will happen
    These always yappin' yeah
    Ooh look at how we movin' baby
    They could never diss my brothers baby
    When they got leaks in they operation
    I thank God that I never signed my life away
    And we never do the big talk
    They shooters makin' TikToks
    Got us laughin' in the Lambo
    Lay down
    Takin' it off takin' it off takin' it off
    Need you all to myself yeah yeah
    Before I let you go can I get a kiss good night baby
    Before I let you go