• Title:Bulletproof
  • Artist:Nate Smith
  • Album:Bulletproof
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  • Languages:en
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    Nate Smith - Bulletproof
    Lyrics by:Ashley Gorley
    Composed by:Ashley Gorley
    Usually these ol' neon lights
    Are pretty good for bad goodbyes
    They got some girls off of my mind
    But baby not tonight
    Cause I've been putting in overtime
    Trying to get over your leaving
    You're still right here on my mind
    You sure did a number on me
    I've tried jack I've tried jim
    I've tried every last one of them
    Ol' heartbreak bottles up on that shelf
    But the burn don't work and the buzz don't help
    Been taking these shots shots shots
    80 90 everything they've got
    But the whiskey don't kill likе it's supposed to do
    Baby your memory must be bulletproof

    There ain't no way I'm driving home
    I'm three sheets done tied one on
    But this liquor ain't as strong
    As your sweet love is
    But the whiskey don't kill like it's supposed to do
    All my favorite country songs
    Guess they must've got it wrong
    Cause I'm still here and you ain't gone
    You ain't gone baby
    Oh oh you ain't gone baby