• Title:Let's Go (Remix|Explicit)
  • Artist:Key Glock;Young Dolph
  • Album:Let's Go (Remix) [Explicit]
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    Let's Go (Remix|Explicit) - Key Glock/Young Dolph
    Lyrics by:Markeyvius LaShun Cathey/Adolph Robert Thornton Jr.
    Composed by:Markeyvius LaShun Cathey/Adolph Robert Thornton Jr.
    Produced by:King Wonka/Hadouken
    Here we go again
    Get the bag King Wonka
    Money talks nigga what the **** is you saying
    You can ask his ***** and ask his ***** who the man
    Bro and them get to stepping like parades about them bands
    My little ***** Tinkerbell cause I'm fly as Peter Pan
    Let's go get some money **** they playing
    Hopped up out that Cyber truck my wrist cost a Lamb
    Tired of buying cars till my driveway jam
    The neighbors still tryna figure out who I am
    Who I be
    Pillow-talkin' to these h*es that **** weak
    That **** weak
    They say money talk put diamonds in my teeth
    In my teeth
    I be Louis'd down with Jordans on my feet
    Niggas masked up in your yard like trick or treat
    You better play your cards right you better not ever reach
    For this chain over here I'll put you underneath
    Yeah I rep that five but I'll put you six feet
    Feet nigga
    Let's go let's go let's go
    I picked your ***** up she had too much fun
    I think she got too drunk
    My motor in her trunk
    Her panties out the roof
    That Henny got her loose
    I think she lost 1 shoe her head game the truth
    I told her **** on my ex ***** you got the juice
    I pulled up at her friend house and kicked her out the coupe
    Gave that ***** the boot yeah she blew my flute
    Untamed gorilla ***** I was born in the zoo
    Dolph why you so rude
    Who the **** is you *****
    I been this way since school
    Spent a whole milli on one sentence ocean blues
    Dolph why you so up
    Nigga cause I pay my dues
    Let's go