• Title:Tell Ur Girlfriend (Explicit)
  • Artist:Lay Bankz
  • Album:Tell Ur Girlfriend (Explicit)
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    Tell Ur Girlfriend (Explicit) - Lay Bankz
    Lyrics by:Layia Watkins/Atia Boggs
    Composed by:Johnny Goldstein
    Produced by:Johnny Goldstein
    Should tell my boyfriend what I been doin'
    Been thinking of you every time I screw him
    And if you want me
    You gotta put the word in
    Go tell your girlfriend
    That I'm your girlfriend
    Originally I wouldn't do it
    Oh oh oh oh
    But I can't have my heart lookin' stupid
    I gave niggas a shot and they blew it
    Initially I wouldn't do this
    Hennessy pourin' and **** getting fluid
    We was just friends
    But then came in Cupid
    The tension was buildin'
    We had to pursue it
    Tell 'em tell 'em
    What it's been with us this whole time
    Tell 'em tell 'em tell 'em
    What if I let your girl find out
    What if she was to go tell mine
    'Cause I don't wanna live a lie lie lie
    Should tell my boyfriend
    What I been doin'
    I'ma play the backend for the meantime
    Took a break had to focus on some me time
    We can keep it low-key for the meantime
    Had the grip so tight from the inside
    Got you runnin' back to back
    Came three times
    Now I'm kissin' on your neck
    That's the sweet spot
    But if we freakin'
    I need you to say it
    It only take one ***** to start hatin'
    Tell 'em tell 'em tell 'em tell 'em
    Oh oh