• Title:Wanna Be (Explicit)
  • Artist:GloRilla;Megan Thee Stallion
  • Album:Wanna Be (Explicit)
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    Wanna Be (Explicit) - GloRilla/Megan Thee Stallion
    Lyrics by:Gloria Woods/Megan Pete/Yakki Davis/Amari Freeman/Harald Hjermann Sorebo/Kenenbaev Meder/Mario Mims/Jorge Taveras
    Composed by:Gloria Woods/Megan Pete/Yakki Davis/Amari Freeman/Harald Hjermann Sorebo/Kenenbaev Meder/Mario Mims/Jorge Taveras
    Produced by:Ace Charisma/Payday/MKMentality/Yo Gotti/Jorge "Ace" Taveras
    Real hot girl ****
    AceC turn that heat up nigga
    On the gang gang on the gang gang
    He he he he in love with Glo
    Never got the cookie but got my name tatted
    Killer where
    Don't know who he killed I heard that mane ratted
    Never full when it's time to eat I be his main platter
    NYC New York Fashion Week Tommy Hil' jacket
    Tell these h*es to stay dangerous
    'Cause nere one of they niggas safe
    My nigga say he faithful
    I still got a few h*es just in case
    Got too
    I can't lie I used to simp so hard but them my old ways
    It's three hundred sixty five days in a year
    Couldn't play with me on none of them days
    ******* a*s freaky nigga
    Don't even wear no condoms
    Freaky a*s
    Don't know how to treat a lady
    Like the ****
    I oughta smack your mama
    P***y wet good a*s neck
    That's me
    So I talk how I wanna
    Save a nigga who *****
    Do I look like ******* Superwoman
    On the gang
    He don't wanna be saved don't save him
    That is not my nigga don't claim him
    'Bout twenty missed calls he faded
    White boy wasted Channing Tatum
    He don't wanna be kept don't keep him
    He don't want the baby then ***** don't keep it ho
    I don't get left I'm a leaver
    Real hot girl **** ayy
    H*es love me like Justin Bieber
    I'm the B-A-D-D-E-S-T
    Same h*es hatin' used to wanna be besties
    You can get your wig turned like Effie
    Like Effie
    I don't need insurance 'cause a ***** can't wreck me
    Baow baow
    Ready or not I'm comin' like Freddy
    Like Freddy
    I'm mother and you know my trick is your daddy
    Your daddy
    Clock that tea ***** catch it
    ***** catch it
    You look like a discount me on Etsy
    I'm the female titan I'm steppin' on *******
    I'm showin' my titties
    I tore up the city
    A P-I-M-P
    I be h*ein' these niggas
    He run back to me
    'Cause you borin' a nigga
    Borin' a nigga
    **** is a layover
    I ain't waitin'
    I get the bag then I change destinations
    These niggas be crazy I don't blame 'em
    I'm a dog too I don't wanna change him
    Save him
    Yeah yeah
    Huh Channing Tatum
    I don't wanna be saved don't save me
    Don't save me
    You for everybody nigga don't claim me
    Don't claim me
    Hate a nigga tryna tell me what to do
    You ain't my daddy I'm not your baby
    Not your baby
    Go Meg
    Get 'em Glo
    On the gang gang
    **** you mean
    Y'all know what the **** goin' on huh huh