• Title:Meant To Be
  • Artist:Arc North;Krista Marina
  • Album:Meant To Be
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Meant To Be - Arc North/Krista Marina
    Composed by:Oscar Christiansson
    I want you to show me
    How to get to know
    Someone like you someone like you
    I want you to know me
    'Cause I know then you'll see
    We can be true we can be true
    I want you to see what I see in us
    Something so real something so real
    I want you to see that this is a love
    That we both feel that we both feel
    And how will we ever know
    If the love will ever grow
    Without trying without trying
    And how will we ever see
    If we are meant to be
    It's terrifying it's terrifying

    That we're meant to be
    We are we are
    We're meant to be
    We've both been there before
    When a love shuts the door
    It's a losing game it's a losing game
    But this time it's more
    Than another love war
    This ain't the same this ain't the same
    They say love heals all
    It makes it all alright
    In time in time
    My heart still feels the breaking
    But you make my world so bright
    It feels so right it feels so right
    And how will we ever feel
    That what we've got is real
    There's no denying there's no denying