• Title:Beautiful Things
  • Artist:Benson Boone
  • Album:Beautiful Things
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    Beautiful Things - Benson Boone
    Lyrics by:Benson Boone/Jackson LaFrantz Larsen/Evan Blair
    Produced by:Evan Blair
    For a while there it was rough
    But lately I've been doin' better
    Than the last four cold Decembers I recall
    And I see my family every month
    I found a girl my parents love
    She'll come and stay the night
    And I think I might have it all
    And I thank God every day
    For the girl
    He sent my way
    But I know the things
    He gives me
    He can take away
    And I hold you every night
    And that's a feeling I wanna get used to
    But there's no man as terrified
    As the man who stands to lose you
    Oh I hope I don't lose you
    Please stay
    I want you I need you oh God
    Don't take
    These beautiful things that I've got
    Oh ooh
    Please don't take
    I found my mind I'm feelin' sane
    It's been a while but I'm finding my faith
    If everything's good and it's great
    Why do I sit and wait 'til it's gone
    Oh I'll tell ya I know I've got enough
    I've got peace and I've got love
    But I'm up at night thinkin' I just might lose it all
    I need