• Title:Self Destruction Mode
  • Artist:The Chainsmokers;bludnymph
  • Album:Self Destruction Mode
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Self Destruction Mode - The Chainsmokers/bludnymph
    Lyrics by:Alex Pall/Andrew Taggart/Henry Walter/Melissa Storwick/Kya Marie Hansen
    Composed by:Alex Pall/Andrew Taggart/Henry Walter/Melissa Storwick/Kya Marie Hansen
    I woke up in self-destruction mode
    I press go and I do it again
    I love my sins they're all I know
    We got closer than all of my friends
    Triple seven on the dash guess I'm feeling lucky
    I kinda got a thing for cash I just want your money
    I'm tying cherry knots got 'em twisted like my stomach
    I'm a mess I'm a mess I'm the best
    Mm yeah
    C-4 I do that damage
    My ego is titanic
    Watch me go I'ma do it again

    I'ma do it again
    I'm in the Czech Republic checking out come and find me
    I can't just have a little drink it neat never nicely
    We woke up on a Monday went to bed on a Friday
    I like me you wanna bite me
    Devil on my shoulder
    Say I just wanna know you
    And if you pull me closer
    Well baby I'ma show you
    My vision's getting slower
    Well baby what's composure
    Should've listened when I told you
    Da na na na na na ah
    Ah ah ah ah ah ah