• Title:Dance The Night
  • Artist:Dua Lipa
  • Album:Dance The Night (From Barbie The Album)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Dance The Night - Dua Lipa (杜娃·黎波)
    Lyrics by:Mark Ronson/Andrew Wyatt/Dua Lipa/Caroline Ailin
    Produced by:Andrew Wyatt/Mark Ronson/Picard Brothers
    Baby you can
    Find me under the lights
    Diamonds under my eyes
    Turn the rhythm up
    Don't you wanna just
    Come along for the ride
    Oh my outfit so tight
    You can see my heart beat tonight
    I can take the heat
    Baby best believe
    That's the moment I shine
    Cuz every romance
    Shakes and it bends
    Don't give a damn
    When the nights here
    I don't do tears
    Baby no chance
    I could dance I could dance I could dance
    Watch me dance
    Dance the night away
    My heart could be burning but you won't see it on my face
    I'll still keep the party running not one hair out of place
    Lately I've been
    Moving close to the edge
    Still be looking my best
    I stay on the beat
    You can count on me
    I ain't missing no steps
    When my heart breaks
    You'll never see it never see it
    When my world shakes
    I feel alive I feel alive
    I don't play safe
    Don't you know about me
    Even when the tears are flowing
    They're diamonds on my face
    I'll still keep the party going not one hair out of place
    Dance the night