• Title:Don't Think Jesus
  • Artist:Morgan Wallen
  • Album:Don't Think Jesus
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    Don't Think Jesus - Morgan Wallen
    Lyrics by:Jessi Alexander/Mark Holman/Chase McGill
    Composed by:Jessi Alexander/Mark Holman/Chase McGill

    A boy gets a guitar and starts writing songs
    About whiskey and women and getting too stoned
    And he got all three at the first show he played
    Hometown said "I don't think Jesus done it that way"
    Boy moves to city lives fast and goes hard
    Starts chasing the devil through honky-tonk bars
    Ignoring the voices in his head that say
    "I don't think Jesus done it this way"
    If I was him I'd say "To hell with you ain't no helping you"
    Find someone else to give Heaven to I'm telling you
    I'd shame me I'd blame me
    I'd make me pay for my mistakes
    But I don't think Jesus does it that way
    Boy's all alone got no one to turn to
    He figures he'll pray 'cause what else could he do
    He said "I wish you would've woke me up an easier way"
    World likes to rear back and throw a few stones
    So boy wants to throw a few stones of his own
    But Lord knows I ain't perfect and it ain't my place
    And I don't think Jesus done it that way
    Are y'all sure that Jesus done it that way