• Title:Deniro
  • Artist:Alec Benjamin
  • Album:(Un)Commentary
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Deniro - Alec Benjamin
    Lyrics by:Alec Benjamin/Dan Wilson
    This is not the role that I auditioned for
    Please tell me who's in charge and I'll give them what for
    I wanna wear the wardrobe that you gave to me
    And how come I don't have a line to read
    I want to be the one that all the fans adore
    Don't want to be the one that simply holds the door
    But if all I get insteads a cameo
    Then I'll do my best to steal the show
    If I'm not the hero if I'm not the lead
    If I'm not Deniro then I'll be
    The hero of the zeros and the camouflage
    The extra to an extra in the entourage

    Might be the only chance I have to take a shot
    And so I'll do my best because how could I not
    I wanna stand out not stand on the side
    I wanna get in when the stars arrive