• Title:Flowers (Clean)
  • Artist:Lauren Spencer-Smith
  • Album:Flowers (Clean)
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    Flowers - Lauren Spencer-Smith
    Lyrics by:Cian Ducrot/Lauren Spencer-Smith
    Composed by:Cian Ducrot/Lauren Spencer-Smith
    Took me over to your house to meet your family
    Introduced me to them saying that you'd marry me
    Then you'd look me in the eye and say "it's just a joke"
    Then you'd kiss me and I'd smile did you even know
    When you'd say that kinda thing I'd be excited
    Got me hoping maybe one day you would mean it
    Always thought I'd only make a fool of someone else
    Now you've only gone and made me make one of myself

    I guess the flowers aren't just used for big apologies
    I guess I should've been more conscious how you spoke to me
    'Cause when we'd fight you'd give me space and not communicate
    And for a while I thought that's what I should appreciate
    Maybe I was holding on to what I thought you were
    But when you think too hard eventually it starts to hurt
    The version of you in my head now I know wasn't true
    Young people fall for the wrong people guess my one was you
    I was getting any flight so we could make it work
    You'd ignore me coulda told me you were seeing her
    Kinda hate myself for justifying your mistakes
    Too committed but I learned that s**t the hard way
    Who are you to tell me I can't be heartbroken
    Babe you had the chance the door for you was open
    If it's what you need to tell yourself to sleep at night
    Pretend I haven't found a man who finally treats me right
    If there's anything I've learned it's you should watch yourself
    If it's hurting you then leave and go and get some help