• Title:New Until It's Old
  • Artist:Passenger
  • Album:Birds That Flew and Ships That Sailed
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    New Until It's Old - Passenger
    Lyrics by:Michael Rosenberg
    Composed by:Michael Rosenberg

    Well the winter brings snow
    Spring before you know
    Summer comes and goes
    Like a dream that you can't hold
    As you gaze upon the skies
    See the clouds passing by
    They know as well as you and I
    Everything's new until it's old
    Perhaps I'd be happy if time stood still
    I know I won't for it never will
    Sure as the evening geese take flight
    Silver coins in a wishing well
    Final chimes of a mission bell
    And it is ringing into the night
    Well the morning brings the sun
    The rain will surely come
    And the afternoon will run
    Into setting suns of pink and blue
    As you gaze upon the moon
    Be it crescent full or new
    It knows as well as me and you