• Title:Nuance
  • Artist:Alec Benjamin
  • Album:(Un)Commentary
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Nuance - Alec Benjamin
    Lyrics by:Alec Benjamin/Nolan Lambroza/Sam Roman/Justin Lucas
    Nuance was an old friend that everyone forgot
    After graduation he became an afterthought
    We threw a cocktail party
    And just left nuance out
    Of the conversation
    Must have lost his invitation
    In the mail in the mail
    The all too familiar tale
    Of growing up and closing off and losing touch

    I used to talk about the world
    I used to talk about life with nuance
    I used to see wood from the trees
    I used to be alright with nuance
    But I've got some new wants don't want to be seen
    With nuance I've moved on it's just not for me
    Don't wanna talk about the world
    Don't wanna talk about life with nuance
    Anymore anymore
    Nuance was an old friend that had a lot to say
    Sharing his opinions used to listen in those days
    But I threw a cocktail party and just left nuance out
    And if I do ever see him
    Run into him at a café
    And he asks me why I don't call him
    I'll have nothing with nuance to say