• Title:Everything But You(feat. A7S) (Classic Mix)
  • Artist:Clean Bandit;A7S
  • Album:Everything But You (feat. A7S) (Classic Mix)
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    Everything But You(feat. A7S) (Classic Mix) - Clean Bandit/A7S
    Lyrics by:Alexander Tidebrink/Digital Farm Animals/Franklin/Grace Chatto/Jack Patterson/Philip Plested/Tom Grennan

    Oh my heart needs some headspace
    Every night try to escape
    Got me calling for your name
    Feel you touching
    You take me to a place only we know
    Away from all the noise and the people
    When I hear your voice
    Say the word and we'll go
    'Cause darling when we pull close
    I know we can pull through
    I just wanna let go
    Let go
    Of everything but you
    'Cause nothing even matters
    If it's me you're holding on to
    I just wanna let go of everything but you
    Everything but you
    I'm so tired of the hollow
    Show me signs I can follow
    Baby I go where you go
    Don't you know that
    If I lose if I'm losing myself tonight
    I'll be fine if I'm finding me by your side
    If I lose if I'm losing myself it'll be alright