• Title:Devil Doesn't Bargain
  • Artist:Alec Benjamin
  • Album:(Un)Commentary
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Devil Doesn't Bargain - Alec Benjamin
    Lyrics by:Alec Benjamin/Nolan Lambroza/Justin Lucas
    The devil doesn't bargain

    It's useless don't do this it's hubris to try
    He's ruthless you knew this I told you didn't I
    He's abusive elusive the truth is he lies
    I know you don't want to let go
    And just like before I can see that you're sure
    You can change him but I know you won't
    He'll only break your heart again
    It isn't worth it darlin' he's never gonna change
    He'll never be prince charming he'll only do you harm again
    I don't mean to meddle but the devil doesn't settle no
    I'm not one to lecture talk down to a friend
    I don't mean to pressure mean to condescend
    But I just want what's best for you in the end
    And I know you think he'll change this time
    But I think that you will find