• Title:About Damn Time (Explicit)
  • Artist:Lizzo
  • Album:About Damn Time (Explicit)
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    About Damn Time (Explicit) - Lizzo
    Lyrics by:Blake Slatkin/Eric Frederic/Larry Price/Malcolm Mclaren/Melissa Jefferson/Ronald Larkins/Stephen Hague/Theron Makiel Thomas

    It's bad B***h o'clock
    Yeah it's thick thirty
    I've been through a lot
    But I'm still flirty
    Is everybody back up in the building
    It's been a minute tell me how you're healing
    Cuz I'm about to get into my feelings
    How you feeling how you feel right now
    Oh I've been so down and under pressure
    I'm way too fine to be this stressed yeah
    Oh I'm not the girl I was or used to be
    B***h I might be better
    Turn up the music turn down the lights
    I got a feeling I'm gonna be alright
    Okay alright
    It's about d**n time
    Turn up the music let's celebrate
    I got a feeling I'm gonna be okay
    In a minute I'm a need a sentimental man or woman
    To pump me up
    Feeling fussy walking in my balenciussies trying to bring out
    The fabulous
    Cuz I give a fu*k way too much
    I'm a need like two shots in my cup
    One to get up one to get down
    Mhm that's how I feel right now
    Haha you know what time it is
    I'm coming out tonight I'm coming out tonight
    B***h yeah