• Title:Stay The Night Tiktok 8D Audio
  • Artist:Tarek Hasan
  • Album:Stay The Night Tiktok 8D Audio
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Stay The Night Tiktok 8D Audio - Tarek Hasan
    Lyrics by:Lewis Thompson/Laurie Revell/Camden Cox
    Composed by:Lewis Thompson/Laurie Revell/Camden Cox

    I like your face so baby why don't you come around
    It's getting rainy maybe we could sleep on the couch
    Let's order something that can fulfill your appetite
    Stay the night
    Then in the morning we can listen to pillow talk
    When we get lazy I'll take you to the carnival
    Just don't go home oh baby I'll be your alibi
    Just gtay the ni-i-ight
    Just stay the ni-i-ight
    Just stay the night oh baby
    Just stay the