• Title:Ready For Love (feat. Nile Rodgers) (Explicit)
  • Artist:Wiz Khalifa;Girl Talk;Nile Rodgers
  • Album:Full Court Press (Explicit)
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  • Languages:en
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    Ready For Love (feat. Nile Rodgers) (Explicit) - Wiz Khalifa (维兹·卡利法)/Girl Talk/Nile Rodgers
    You say that you're ready for love
    Say you want that thing
    Tired of playing no it ain't no game
    No I ain't the same
    Grind for mine so I can't complain
    Don't know what they claim
    I'm the one who get all the change
    Look at all they face
    Your time is something that I won't waste
    Hop in my car let's skate
    I'll give you a call let's date
    Used to be a college girl
    Now you grown and on your way
    I'm just being honest you're f**king with a baller
    Let's spend a couple dollars babe
    Diamonds on my collar babe
    Maybe you should fall through
    You say that you really ain't ready for this
    And you say that I need to know how real it can get
    And you say that you really wanna spend some time
    And you say that you really hope you could be mine
    And you say
    Now you're ready
    Anything that you want you can get it
    Got your own so you never gotta settle
    Want the boss not the man in the middle
    Not a little it's kind of simple
    See I ain't local I'm intercontinental
    I'll send a Rolls-Royce your way to come and get you
    I'm with my homeboys we done sold out the venue
    What's your favorite restaurant that you been to
    Order anything you want off the menu
    I got room in the back bring your friend too
    You on me me on her what you into
    All the time say I'm on your mental
    You keep telling me 'bout what you went through
    Don't gotta worry 'bout me I'm not the issue
    I'll take care of your heart I'll be gentle