• Title:Let Me Down Easy (Lie) (Explicit)
  • Artist:Why Don't We
  • Album:Let Me Down Easy (Lie) [Explicit]
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    Let Me Down Easy (Lie) (Explicit) - Why Don't We
    Zach Herron/Daniel Seavey:
    I know sometimes you get pissed off
    I know you can't stand it when
    I canceled plans I brushed you off
    Yeah we never planned it yeah
    I know sometimes that I f**k up

    And when I think I don't I need your love
    Daniel Seavey:
    If you wake up one day and don't feel the same
    Would you still smile when the feeling fades
    Look to the side when I'm saying your name
    Say it's all fine baby lie to my face
    Who am I to make you stay
    Baby let me down easy
    If you wake up one day and don't feel the same will you
    Will you
    Jack Avery/Daniel Seavey:
    La-la-la la-la-lie baby let me down easy
    La-la-la la-la-lie will you
    Jonah Marais:
    Say s**t say s**t we don't mean at all
    Don't pay attention when they're not involved
    Complications they can't be solved
    If you walk away then we might lose it all
    When you walked into my life I'm feeling different now
    And when we wake up I said "can we switch positions now"
    And your friends they got opinions but they getting loud
    But you know you mean the most don't start actin' different now
    La-la-la la-la-lie
    Corbyn Besson: