• Title:Speakers
  • Artist:Alec Benjamin
  • Album:(Un)Commentary
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Speakers - Alec Benjamin
    Lyrics by:Alec Benjamin/Dan Wilson
    I often think about the way you'll think about me when we're old
    I always thought we could be the greatest story ever told
    But there's a rock inside my sock I'll keep on walking cause it's cold
    And I can't stop the clock from ticking I know that it's just the beginning
    Don't forget this story's not over yet
    Time pass like a cigarette
    Turning into smoke between our fingers
    Tell me you won't forget
    Remember the night we met
    Rewind like an old cassette
    And I'll be the song that's on your speakers
    Playing for you you you
    I'll be playing for you you you
    I often wonder why I wonder how I'll feel in thirty years
    About the time we spent together will the memories disappear
    I might sound crazy but my baby that's the thing that I most fear
    Oh I can't stop the world from spinning I know
    That it's just the beginning
    So please
    And if one day the image starts to fade
    Don't worry babe well that would be okay
    I'll give you all the memories that I saved
    Just leave me with a picture
    Just a picture of your face
    I won't forget this story's not over yet
    Playing for you