• Title:Maps
  • Artist:Maroon 5
  • Album:V (Deluxe)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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  • Uploador:hisham315
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    I miss the taste of a sweeter life
    I miss the conversation
    I'm searching for a song tonight
    I'm changing all of the stations
    I like to think that we had it all
    We drew a map to a better place
    But on that road I took a fall
    Oh baby, why did you run away?
    I was there for you
    In your darkest times
    In your darkest nights
    But I wonder, where were you?
    When I was at my worst
    Down on my knees
    And you said you had my back
    So I wonder, where were you?
    All the roads you took came back to me
    So I'm following the map that leads to you
    The map that leads to you
    Ain't nothing I can do
    Following, following, following to you
    Following, following, following
    I hear your voice in my sleep at night
    Hard to resist temptation
    Because something strange has come over me
    Now I can't get over you
    No, I just can't get over you, ooh
    Oh, oh, oh, ah
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, ah
    Oh, oh, mmm, ah
    Oh, I was there for you
    Oh, in your darkest times
    Oh, in your darkest nights