How to config and save fullscreen mode settings?

1、F&Q and General How-To

2、How to specify specific fonts for lyrics of different languages?

3、How to integrate AutoLyric window with the player UI?

4、How to quickly make precise karaoke lyrics?

5、How to quickly make bilingual/multilingual lyrics?

6、How to config and save fullscreen mode settings?


AutoLyric above 5.6.0 version support fullscreen mode lyric show,and you could config the how fullscreen lyric display. After saving the settings of fullscreen view, AutoLyric will show your personal fullscreen view next time.

You could config fullscreen lyric view just like classic lyric style. When you enter Full-screen mode, open the Options dialog window to config the settings.

If you want to save your settings of fullscreen view, you could open "sulotion config" dialog by right-click menu "show--view solution“, and click "save as fullscreen" button. After Autolyric 6.1.0, the option to automatically save Full-screen settings is added.

Two demo fullscreen view is below:




1、AutoLyric supports image slide show,just specify the image directory on options(Classic LrcShow——Background). Image directory supports foobar2000 title format. Other players support  %title%, %artist%,%album% formats,then, the image directory could change dynamically according to the current playing song.

2、Lyric Content Margins(Options——Classic lrcShow——Window)support dynamical value,input a fraction to result mutiplying by the width or height of the window.Integer means pixels.